The founders of "The gentle wine"

What drives us?

The following is a brief description of the founders, what we have done so far and how we came to “The gentle wine”.

In October, Stefan Canditt and myself (Tapio Rogler) joined Moritz Zyrewitz and the gentle wine GmbH. Joining means that Stefan takes over the operational tasks (everything to do with numbers, logistics, merchandise management and all the things I have no idea about). I myself have offered and sold a wide variety of things throughout my life, from nature conservation memberships to real estate and last but not least photovoltaic systems, now I will try my best with "the gentle" and take over the sales here.

Moritz has already sold more than 15,000 bottles of the gentle single-handedly, we like to affectionately call him the all-rounder, but will take care of networking and liquidity (money from investors so that we can advance our vision) in the future.

Now you are wondering why 3 career changers (Moritz is already a senior in the wine business at the age of 3) found a start-up in the wine industry?

Well, we asked ourselves the same question!

In the end, we decided to found a startup because we believe that together we can stir up the rather conservative market a bit and that we have hit the perfect nerve with the “low” category. Also, we're terrible employees with 3 minds of our own (whether it's Cerberus or Hydra, you can't tell) who just have to implement their own project.

You can follow our progress via the newsletter in the future, and of course we are very happy if you taste our selected grapes.

Support us with a recommendation or even an order !

We are very happy about your feedback on the blog and newsletter, what do you want to hear next about "the gentle" or Moritz, Stefan and Tapio?

Gladly to me directly:

Greetings and a happy new year your Tapio

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