Questions concerning the product

What is the gentle?

the gentle is delicious! And if you need a little more detail: the gentle is a wine-based drink with 6% vol. Alcohol.

How is the gentle produced?

For our products, we use a process that is as old as the world of wine itself: cuvéing. That is, we blend (mix) traditional wine with wine that has previously been dealcoholized. In the end we end up with a smart 6% vol. Alcohol.

How do you get the alcohol out of wine?

For our the gentle products we cuvée dealcoholized with traditional wine. For dealcoholization we use a process that was developed in 1908 by a Carl Jung. It is based on the fact that the boiling point of alcohol in a vacuum is significantly lower than under normal atmospheric pressure. In a vacuum, alcohol evaporates at 27°C-30°C. And we take advantage of that. We heat the wine in a vacuum and the alcohol evaporates. The wine remains - just without alcohol. The process is very gentle and the aromas are largely retained.

Can any wine be dealcoholized?

Technically yes, since vacuum distillation can of course be applied to any wine.

However, there are big sensory differences between individual wines. Aromatic varieties with little acidity tend to be better. We regularly carry out test series with different base wines and thus learn more and more which wines lead to good dealcohol-free wines.

How many calories does the gentle have?

All of the gentle's products have about half the calories of the alcoholic base wine.

Do the gentle's products contain sulfites?

Just like traditional wine, the gentle also uses sulfites (SO²) for preservation.

Questions about shipping

Shipping and Co.

The Wasem winery takes care of shipping and packaging. If you have any problems with your order, simply send us an email to and one of us will take care of your request immediately.

Ist meine Bestellung unterwegs?

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Was kann ich tun, wenn meine Bestellung nicht ankommt?

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