The gentle wine GmbH - The trendsetters in the European wine market

We are Moritz, Stefan and Tapio - and we want to make your world more enjoyable. And with a completely new category of drinks. Sounds good at first, doesn't it? We think so too! Here we tell you our story and take you with us on our exciting journey.

  • The Maker

    Moritz Zyrewitz is the founder and idea generator for the gentle wine GmbH. He has years of experience in the field of dealcoholized wines and knows exactly how the gentle should taste. His motto: Just try it!

  • The Thinker

    Stefan Canditt is co-founder and responsible for operations and purchasing. He is extremely strong in processes and structured, which we benefit from in every single meeting. His motto: Please think to the end!

how it all started

Like every good story, ours begins with a massive headache. And that after an evening on which we drank one or two too many glasses of wine. And of course we are not at a loss for good intentions when our heads are pounding. Next time a juice spritzer, or just a glass of wine, maximum two.... you know that.

Does pleasure without regret always mean sacrifice?

But if you want to enjoy without regrets, you will quickly find yourself sitting in front of the same apple spritzer. Worthwhile alternatives to traditional wine are few and far between on the beverage shelves. If you want to enjoy unrepentantly, the only option is often simply to do without. But we don't want that: we want taste, we want a good drink in a nice wine glass, in short: we want full enjoyment, but only half the alcohol. That must be possible!

We are the alcoholic progress

Friends, we have good news: it is possible! With our products, which offer full enjoyment with a smart 6% alcohol. And all without magic. Because in the end we use a technique that is as old as the world of wine itself: cuvéing. But we rethink it and blend traditional wine with wine that has previously been gently dealcoholized. Voilà, the gentle with 6%!


Our expertise: passion and curiosity


We have already achieved a lot, but we are not satisfied with that. Because we want to get better - preferably with every bottle filled. That's why researching and trying things out is always on our agenda. Which dealcoholized wine goes best with which traditional blending partner? What are the effects of different dealcoholization methods? Where can we find more innovative partner winemakers? In the meantime, we have built up considerable expertise, but we remain curious to make the gentle even better.

How does alcohol come out of wine?

The process by which we get the alcohol out of wine was developed by Carl Jung in 1908. He found that the boiling point of alcohol in a vacuum is significantly lower than under normal atmospheric pressure. In a vacuum, alcohol evaporates at 27-30°C. And we take advantage of that. We heat the wine in a vacuum and the alcohol evaporates. The wine remains - just without alcohol. The process is very gentle and the aromas are largely retained.

partners in wine

The Wasem winery from Ingelheim in Rheinhessen has been there from the start. The three brothers Julius, Philipp and Gerhard are now the fourth generation to run the estate. So you can wine here. And gentle they can too. They understand our product and are just as obsessed with quality as we are.

But we don't only have strong partners in Germany. The reputation of the gentle even echoes in sunny Spain. Here is the Bodega Más que Vinos, run by Alexandra, Gonzalo and Margarita. And they provide us - how should it be any different in Spain - the juice for the gentle rot.