Damp Lifestyle - What is it all about?

Starting with TikTok, the #damplifestyle has conquered social media in recent weeks. We didn't invent it, but we're all the happier about this movement. We'll tell you here what it's all about and why it fits perfectly with our offer.

Dry January - renunciation across the board

The now well-known "Dry January" is already very popular and stands for the complete renunciation of alcoholic beverages. In Germany, the idea was enthusiastically received and is already being used by many people to balance the opulent festivals in December. Of course, in this context, a lot is about health and mindfulness. After all, many assume that doing without is doing something good for the body.

That is certainly true, but unfortunately only half the truth. Because studies have shown that many advocates of dry January tend to drink more in the other months. After all, you limited yourself in January. So while the body will certainly appreciate the break in the first month of the year, this approach is not a long-term one. Because you just want to experience the forbidden all the more, so that consumption in the following month goes completely through the roof.

Damp Lifestyle - The new middle way

With "Damp" they now want to achieve the "something" in between: Not completely renouncing alcohol, but rather a more careful handling of it. Drink more consciously, enjoy more consciously is the motto. And not just in one month of the year, but continuously. That's why the damp movement isn't just a campaign month, but a long-term change in habits - a lifestyle.

And our products fit perfectly into this damp lifestyle. Because by blending alcohol-free with traditional wine, we end up with a smart 6% alcohol. The gentle is naturally damp. This enables full enjoyment without making any sacrifices. You can still enjoy a glass or two with your friends without having to fear the consequences the next day.

So: Take care of yourselves and consciously enjoy every moment.

Greetings to you


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